Gian Giovanoli

It all started at Lake Sils

Having grown up in the quiet village of Sils Maria, Gian found his love for photography at the shore of Lake Sils. When he bought his first camera, he became passionate about the beauty that resides in every moment in the Engadine valley.

After receiving more and more requests for different shootings, Gian started his career as a commercial photographer specialized on fashion, sports, architecture and still-life. He lended his photography skills to various customers, magazines and well-known companies. Whilst working full-time for over 10 years for different projects, Gian became aware of his real passion: Although there was still a large demand, he wanted to stay true to his roots and do more what he loves to do – landscape photography.

Armed with additional know-how, he launched his own gallery in Pontresina in 2017, which he moved to St. Moritz in 2020. Gian’s work is known for impressive large format landscape photography in small editions, different fusion works of the alpine culture that surrounds him but also documentary photography of nomadic herders far away from the Engadine.