Ingo Rasp

The “Alpine Strukturen” are a long- term photography project of award winning aerial landscape photographer Ingo Rasp.

In the series of his work he focuses with mainly abstract aerial photographs on the geological history and processes that formed the Alps and the resulting structure of the landscape – often under the aspect of transience due to the ongoing climate change.

Since he first stepped aboard a helicopter his view of the world fundamentally changed. His passion for aviation and his deep fascination for the different formation processes of our planet Earth that still shape our surroundings every day is the great driving force behind his work.

His photographs interpret the natural structures as shapes, lines and textures which, at first glance, lets the photographs resemble as abstract paintings or pencil drawings.

Selected prints of this long-term project are displayed in art galleries in Switzerland, Lichtenstein and actually exhibited at the renown Biennale in Venice, Italy 2018.

Accompanying the different working periods the same-titled fine-art magazine
„Alpine Strukturen“ is published.

Ingo Rasp: Alpine Strukturen

Video: Making of