Thomas Crauwels

The Alps, and the mountains in general, have this ability to change face almost every moment, sometimes generous, sometimes threatening, but always majestic.

Through my works, I wish to highlight mountain photography in all its artistic aspects.

Each of my ascents to this incredible summits is designed to make a very specific shot, taken at the right time, with the right light, the right framing and the right settings. Not at all attached to the figurative aspect, I enhance the search with particular atmospheres, textures and lights on these magical summits to reveal the beauty of the Alps to the general public.

The meeting of the mineral and the sky, also taking into account the meteorological factor, my pictures allow me to express deep emotions, the ones that inhabit me when I contemplate these summits. How not to be impressed at the sight of these summits who are familiar with the sky and the clouds just after the storm?

Today I am proud that my black and white photos of the Alps are widely recognized for their artistic aspect and for the emotions they emanate.

As a passionate photographer, I feel I have a mission to fulfill.

Beyond the artistic and aesthetic aspect of my mountain photos, I feel invested in a mission for the planet. The degradation of our mountains and glaciers pushes me to use my artistic vision to follow the evolution of the Alps and to freeze these magical moments that our generation will still have the chance to admire. In this way, we will be able to pass on part of this heritage to future generations through unique photos.

Taking over from the alpinist painters and photographers of the 18th and 19th centuries, I continue to immortalize the memories of the Alps, which are constantly evolving.